The Ranch

Tactial Training Facility in San Antonio, TX

Our Tactical Training Facility

When you are looking for a campus to train at, you want the best. That’s why Fortune 500 companies and government entities come to our 300 acre campus, located in Dilley, Texas. The Ranch is strategically located 45 Minutes southwest of San Antonio, Texas. We offer world class trainers and service multiple markets.  Our customer base includes US military, Federal and Local Law Enforcement, private security personnel and commercial training.

Our facilities are available for film shoots rental and private events. Learn more.

Texas Campus Overview

Also included on our Texas Campus are:

  • Two road courses, approximately 1.7 and 1.6 miles in length with realistic driving features
  • Off-road all-terrain course to simulate 4WD conditions
  • 12 firearm ranges for pistol and rifle training, up to caliber .308 (includes variety of targets)
  • 1300-yard sniper range with tower
  • 400-yard belt-fed / low velocity 40 mm range
  • Explosive area, with observation bunker and explosive¬† storage magazine
  • Demolition capable of 4 lbs. NEW
  • Field camp area with three General Purpose (GP) medium tents as well as field shower facilities
  • HLZ
  • 175,000 sq. ft. FX Urban Training Area
  • 11,000 sq. ft live fire shoot house w/ explosive breaching
  • Realistic exercises, replicating operations in urban environments, may be conducted in nearby cities such as San Antonio, Austin and Houston
  • Classrooms with multi-media
  • Training areas are available for rent or lease.
  • Instructor offices
  • Arms room and explosive storage

Please contact The Ranch for more details.


The Ranch has eight classrooms and five student briefing pavilions. All classrooms are configured for lectures and presentations complete with:

  • Multimedia support equipment (projectors, computers, LCD monitors)
  • Break areas
  • Male/Female restrooms
  • Dry erase boards/markers
  • Seating with desk/tables
  • Climate controlled

Student briefing areas for the firing ranges and driving courses are covered structures.

Training Capabilities

  • Best-in-Class Instructors
  • Comprehensive Training Curriculums
  • Expert Training Facility
  • High Risk Live Fire
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Basic & Advanced Driving
  • Medical

Photos of our Facilities

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