The Ranch

Tactial Training Facility in San Antonio, TX

Tactical Firearm Training

Firearm Ranges​

If firearms are your forte, we offer six firearm ranges for training purposes. Simunitions, Airsoft, paintball, tear gas, smoke, flash-bang grenades and IED simulators may all be used on the range complex.

All ranges support live fire from within and outside vehicles in full integration scenarios. The range complex includes a breaching campus which incorporates BTI doors, allowing rapid re-establishment of the doorway for use of Hallagan tools, rams and shotgun breaching rounds. Portable barricades are available for use on all ranges.

All ranges can be used independently of each other.

Authorized Federal Firearm License Holder

We are an authorized Federal Firearm License Holder, with a National Firearms Act Stamp and Explosive User License – Type 33. The equipment, (outlined here) is in The Ranch Armory for Rental.

The Ranch has Simunition (FX®) kits for the M4, Glock®, SIG SAUER® and Beretta pistols. Shotguns and two .38 revolvers are available for Simulation use.

Ear and eye protection, as well as blanks ammunition, is available for use and training purposes.

Weapons Available for Training

  • M-4’s/5.56 (.223) Variant Carbines, long/short barrels.
  • Ak-47 Variants Chambered in 7.65 x 39
  • MP5’s Chambered in 9mm
  • Remington Shotguns Chambered in 12 Gauge
  • Makrov Pistols
  • GLOCK pistols, Model 17 & 19 Chambered for 9mm
  • SIG SAUER Pistols, Models 228 & 229 Chambered for 9mm
  • Beretta-Pistols, Model 92F/D Chambered in 9mm
  • FN M240 M249 PARA

Firearm Ranges

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