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Training Facility in San Antonio, TX

Open Enrollment Classes

Our open enrollment classes are designed to provide comprehensive training opportunities to a wide audience, facilitated by a selection of third-party vendors and partners renowned in their respective fields. These classes cover an array of tactical, medical, rescue, and firearms training geared towards enhancing the skills of individuals at any level of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to refine your abilities or a newcomer eager to learn from the best, our open enrollment options provide the perfect platform to achieve your training objectives.

Low Power Variable Optic Class (2 DAYS) Prerequisite: Defensive Carbine I Class (8hrs) or equivalent carbine training (8-hours or more) i.e. If the student has taken 8 hours of carbine training from another reputable training company/instructor, they don’t have to take our Carbine I class (or clinic) to attend this class. Our classes are NOT […]

Our Handgun Instructor program takes a pragmatic approach to modern day firearms applications, instructor development, and material creation. This 5 day course is influenced by data & human behavior in order to prepare instructors to efficiently teach handgun or various firearm classes to patrol officers and recruits. Firearms Instructor is an accelerated shooting class focused […]

Description Our Defensive Shotgun course is an introduction to using pump or semi auto shotguns for self defense/home defense, a highly effective defensive tool. Learn how to run your shotgun as if your life depends on it. Discussion and lessons on pros and cons of the platform, setting up the gun, sights, ammo selection, patterning […]

This class is intended for confident shooters. Beginning shooters are welcome but may be overwhelmed at times. This class will give you all the tools needed to become a high level shooter but YOU have to put in the time. You’ll leave the class with knowledge that applies to tactical and competitive situations. Mandatory gear […]

THIS TWO-DAY, 16-HOUR COURSE COVERS THE FOLLOWING; Understanding the basic principles of room clearing Assessing structures to understand the best plan of action to achieve the most desirable outcome Decision making based on size and layout of structure Clearing in small elements such as two man teams Positive Threat Identification TAKEAWAY’S INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT […]

We are a local grassroots drifting club that caters to all drivers. From beginner to pro am driving skills are all welcome. We strive to give our drivers the best driving experience with as much seat time as possible. Having a great time in a safe environment is our main goal. What to Expect Drivers […]

With the FBI UCR data putting the approx. number of officers assaulted per year reaching 60+ thousand with approximately 15% committed with knives, 10% with guns and over 20% with other dangerous weapons, we as trainers have failed at providing the tools for our law enforcement to effectively mitigate such encounters. This alone is why […]

Match starts: July 07, 2024 @ 7:00 AM · Match ends: July 07, 2024 @ 3:00 PM Location: 10700 S. Interstate highway 35 Dilley, Texas 78017 Using PCSL time plus scoring format. Rules can be found here: 5-6 stages Registration opens at 0700 New shooters briefing at 0830 Shooters meeting at 0840 Hammer down at 0900 […]

This Fighting Handgun Concepts: Movement, Unconventional Positions, Decisional Engagements & Defending Others will be taught by Defenders USA’s Adam Winch and hosted by The Ranch in Dilley, TX. Location Address:  The Ranch, LLC. 10700 S. IH 35, Dilley, TX 78017 Range Fee:  There is a $25 per day Range Fee ($50 total) charged by The Ranch so please bring that in cash. […]

Prerequisite: Defensive Pistol I (8hrs) or equivalent training (8-hours or more). Our classes are NOT a prerequisite but training from a reputable company/instructor or competition experience is required. Description This continuation of our Defensive Pistol series includes additional drills, 25-yard qualification course of fire, and live fire malfunction clearance drills. We will begin with a […]

Introduction to Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs) and Red Dots with Magnifiers, this class is for the enthusiast learning to become more precise and accurate with their perspective carbine. Having both closer and intermediate-range capabilities, shooters will find themselves approaching situations with rapid target engagements 300 yards and in and lots of movement. Topics that […]

Description Availability: 21 Time Commitment: Three ten hour days Primary Instructor: Jason Ransome Jared Arceneaux NOTE: The Ranch offers on-site lodging for $75 per night, with bathrooms/shower/fridge. Highly recommended! Course Focus: 3 and 4 man clearance of residential and commercial structures. Course is principles based and not on any one doctrine of clearance. Students will […]

Presented by Tactical Night Vision Company at The Ranch in Dilley, TX November 22-24, 2024 Exclusive Training Awaits at Night Ops Summit Three Nights of Intensive No-Light and Low-Light Training with the Industry’s Leading Tactical Experts. At Night Ops Summit, you’ll dive deep into unparalleled night vision training, led by seasoned experts and veterans in […]

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