The Ranch

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Operational Breaching Solutions (OBS) Dilley

Dilley, Texas

This is a 40 hour course. Students will leave challenged with this being a mentally, physically, and emotionally strenuous course, that is based off real-world situations. Guild’s recommendation is to have at least one (1) full year of Special Operations experience and consider a Mechanical Breaching Course from T.E.E.S. or similar before attending.


Gunfighter Rifle (beginner to intermediate)

Gunfighter Rifle is our 8-hour beginner-intermediate rifle course which teaches concepts such as positional shooting, use of cover & concealment, non-dominant side, shooting on the move, and a variety of tactical & intense shooting drills. This course is taught by actual SWAT Operators and/or active-duty SOF soldiers or veterans. Students will learn the skills used …

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CQB 3 (Force on Force) @ The Ranch, San Antonio, TX

CQB (close quarters battle) 1-2 is our 8-hour introductory/intermediate course using real firearms with simunition ammo. Students will learn one-man room clearing, home defense preparedness, and close quarter shooting skills. The course will use role players in force-on-force scenarios to prepare students with the reality of defending their home, and real-life use-of-force encounters. The Ranch …

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