The Ranch

Training Facility in San Antonio, TX

Small Unit CQB - 2 Day + 1 Day Intro


San Antonio, TX (Hosted by The Ranch) $450 or $550 w/ Intro

Date: July 15, 16, 17th 2022

Availability: 6 slots

Time Commitment:

Intro Day - One 8 hour day

Small Unit - Two 10-12 hour days

Course Focus:

3 and 4 man clearance of residential size structures. Course is principles based and not on any one doctrine of clearance. Students will start at the most basic repetition and work up to full structure clearance. Force on paper only, no live fire.


If you have not taken our Intro To Flexible Search course, or you do not have another certificate in at least "basic CQB" from another company, department, or branch, you will register for ALL THREE DAYS, this MUST be reflected on your REGISTRATION as " + INTRO ". This will be an additional $100.00 for that first Intro Day. In summary, without the prerequisite to just take Small Unit as a two day, $450 course, you will be signing up for three days, for $550.

Packing List:

eye protection (Z87+)

appropriate clothing, closed toed shoes, long pants, etc.


simulation rifle/pistol (blue bolts, airsoft acceptable) with 200 rounds, or chamber safe indicated duty rifle/pistol, MANTIS Blackbeard systems also are accepted. Rifles are to be equipped with a sling.

weapon lights are encouraged

armor/belt system is encouraged

How to Register:

Copy and paste the template below into your email. Fill it out and email us at:

We will send you an invoice from Intuit Small Business that is due immediately. Please read the disclaimer on the course registration information and on the invoice. Your invoice number is your class registration number.



the minimum required class size is 10 students. If 10 students are not registered within two weeks, the class will be cancelled and the registered students will be refunded their tuition. If the minimum class size is reached, no refunds can be issued. We pay our instructors in advance so your funds will no longer be available. By paying registration, you agree to these terms (they are stated on registration as well). However, you will be given credit to enroll in other courses.

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