The Ranch

Training Facility in San Antonio, TX


With the FBI UCR data putting the approx. number of officers assaulted per year reaching 60+ thousand with approximately 15% committed with knives, 10% with guns and over 20% with other dangerous weapons, we as trainers have failed at providing the tools for our law enforcement to effectively mitigate such encounters. This alone is why I created my Contact Threat Mitigation™ course. This course has reevaluated the outdated tactics academy’s are still teaching by doing a 180 and using force against force instead of moving away from your threat which inevitably sets the officer up for failure.

This course is very applicable to civilians who carry in order to protect themselves, family members and others from those up close and personal attacks.

Most students focus on high frequency skills, when in fact the low frequency skills are the ones that diminish due to not practicing those skills. This course focuses on malfunction clearances with both hands to one handed with both strong and support side.

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