The Ranch

Training Facility in San Antonio, TX


Introduction to Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs) and Red Dots with Magnifiers, this class is for the enthusiast learning to become more precise and accurate with their perspective carbine. Having both closer and intermediate-range capabilities, shooters will find themselves approaching situations with rapid target engagements 300 yards and in and lots of movement. Topics that will be covered, but not limited to are.

Philosophy of use (POU)

Basic understanding of external ballistics.

BDC / MRAD / MOA scopes.

Max Point Blank Range.

Understanding Zeros.

Familiarization fire for extended distances.

Identifying the limits of each individual rifle.

Positively identifying targets. (PID)

Gear considerations.

Ballistic calculator. (kestrel or applied ballistic app)

Barricade style shooting.

plate carrier / chest rig / battle belt (ability to hold a minimum of 3 mags)

Carbine with magnified optic and (offset irons or red dot, optional but recommended)

**** recommend optic magnification minimum 4x or moreā€¦. Targets will range from 100yds to about 500yds. (weather depending) ****

Shooting bag for barricades and zero.

Wet / cold / hot weather clothing (season dependent).

Food, snacks, water

Ear pro, eye pro, IFAK

Lube / cleaning kit / tools for your carbine and optic.

Manual for your optic or come with a strong understanding of it to include the reticle and zeroing process.


****AMMO: 500+ rnds of the same style Ammo. DO NOT mix brands and bullet grain styles****

Clip board small or large and some paper.


Note taking material.

BALLISTIC CALCULATOR (Kestrel or applied ballistics on app store)



Knee pads

Shooting mat

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