The Ranch

Tactial Training Facility in San Antonio, TX

Discover Your Ultimate Filming Location

A World-Class Film Shoot Location. The Ranch (Combat Training Facility), San Antonio, TX.

Welcome to The Ranch, your premier filming location near San Antonio, TX. Our 380-acre campus is a working training facility for military, private security and law enforcement (federal and local). Our campus is also available to rent for film shoots and private events. This makes it the perfect place to film your next action film or show. We can meet the unique needs of movie studios and film crews. Whether you’re planning a high-octane action scene or an exclusive private event, our state-of-the-art facilities and versatile training areas offer the perfect backdrop.

What is The Ranch?

This place is huge and when it comes to facilities, we have it all. Everything from driving courses (IE: race tracks) to shooting ranges, live fire houses and more. All this makes it the perfect location for your next film shoot. In the past, shows like Amazon’s “Special Ops: Lioness” and even “SEAL Team” have filmed here.

Film at Our World Class Facilities

Our Facilities are Unmatched

  • Race Driving Track: Two road courses, approximately 1.7 and 1.6 miles in length, featuring realistic driving conditions for high-speed chases and stunt driving.
  • Off-Road All-Terrain Course: Simulate rugged 4WD conditions for thrilling off-road scenes.
  • 12 Firearm Ranges: Pistol and rifle ranges, up to caliber .308, with a variety of targets for realistic shooting sequences.
  • Sniper Range: 1300-yard range with a sniper tower, perfect for long-distance shots.
  • Explosive Area: Includes an observation bunker and storage magazine, capable of handling demolitions up to 4 lbs. NEW.
  • Field Camp Area: Equipped with three General Purpose (GP) medium tents and field shower facilities for authentic military scenes.
  • FX Urban Training Area: A sprawling 175,000 sq. ft. area mimicking urban environments.
  • Live Fire Shoot House: An 11,000 sq. ft. facility with explosive breaching capabilities for intense, close-quarter combat scenes.
  • Multi-City Filming Options: Located near San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.

Comprehensive Training Capabilities

  • Classrooms with Multi-Media: Ideal for pre-shoot briefings and training sessions.
  • Instructor Offices: Professional spaces for director meetings and production planning.
  • Arms Room and Explosive Storage: Secure storage solutions for all your filming equipment.

On Site Lodging and Dinning:

We have multiple options for lodging. We have onsite capacity to lodge up to 50 people in our bunk house. Also near by are multiple hotels and resorts that we work with.

Perfect for Your Next Film Shoot

At The Ranch, we understand the unique requirements of the film industry and can work with you to accommodate your needs. Our facilities cater to:

  • Action-packed movie sequences requiring advanced tactical setups.
  • TV shows demanding versatile and realistic filming locations.
  • Event planners looking for unique and secure venues.

Book Your Next Film Shoot Location at The Ranch

Ready to elevate your production to the next level? Contact The Ranch today to discuss your specific needs and book a filming or event date. Our team is eager to help you craft the perfect setting for your next project. The Ranch is your perfect go-to filming location for top studios and production crews. Make your next shoot unforgettable.

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