The Ranch

Tactial Training Facility in San Antonio, TX

Common FAQs

We offer several different ranges.

  • Six firearm ranges for pistol and rifle training, up to caliber .308 (includes variety of targets)
  • 1300-yard sniper range with tower
  • 400-yard belt-fed / low velocity 40 mm range
  • Explosive area, with observation bunker and explosive¬† storage magazine

Learn more here.

Yes, contact us to see about private facility rentals.

Yes. Students attending training at our Texas Campus have several choices for lodging and dining.  Learn more here.

  • US Military, DHS, DEA, FBI, and
    other USG
  • Federal and Local Law
  • US Allies
  • Private / Commercial Security
  • 19th Special Forces Group PSD Training
  • Malaysian Special Forces Designated
    Defensive Marksman (DDM) Training
  • SOCOM Advanced Marksmanship & Driving Train the Trainer Course
  • Department of State – WPS III Pre- Deployment Training Provider
  • DIA Tactical Training Provider
  • Texas Rangers Training Provider
  • DHS CBP Training Provider
  • Local Law Enforcement Training Provider
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